Solad Hosts GEAPP And UEF SEForAll Teams In Iponri Market, Surulere Lagos – Stand Alone Solar For Productive Use Programme

On Wednesday, 28th of February 2024, Solad hosted dignitaries from the Global Energy Alliance for the People and Planet (GEAPP) and the Universal Energy Facility (UEF) SEForAll Team at Iponri Market, Surulere, Lagos.

Solad is a grantee under the UEF Stand Alone Solar For Productive Use Programme and has successfully deployed 500 stand alone solar systems under the program since its launch in February 2023.

Solad showcased its installation of 450 solar stand alone systems (combined installed capacity of 2.25 MW) to Iponri Market, electrifying small and medium scale enterprises of various types majorly tailors, embroiderers, printing presses, laundry services, hair and barbing salons, a pottery factory, offices, wholesale home, furniture and gift item traders and others.

The GEAPP and SEForAll Teams engaged with numerous electrified business owners in Iponri Market – beneficiaries of the solar power supplied and witnessed first hand the positive impacts of the installation.

Solad intends to fully power Iponri Market as well as make the Market a major energy hub utilising the deployed energy assets to provide battery charging services to the Surulere local government area.

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