Solad hosts GEAPP and UEF SEForAll Teams in Ayangburen Market, Ikorodu Lagos - Stand Alone Solar For Productive Use Programme

On Monday, 10th of July 2023, Solad welcomed Simon Harford, CEO of the Global Energy Alliance for the People and Planet (GEAPP), the GEAPP Team, and Universal Energy Facility (UEF) SEForAll Team to which Solad is a grantee under the Stand Alone Solar for Productive Use Program (SSPU).

Solad showcased its first deployment of 50 stand-alone solar systems to Ayangburen Market, Ikorodu, Lagos hosting wholesale traders, tailors, hair and barbing salons, frozen foods, electronics shops, and many more who need reliable power for their businesses and have had to rely on generators to operate prior to Solad’s presence in the market.

The GEAPP and SEForAll Teams engaged with owners of several newly powered shops – beneficiaries of the solar power supplied who expressed their experiences pre and post-installation of the solar standalone systems.

Solad would be installing more solar stand-alone systems in Ayangburen Market and intends to power the entirety of the market by the end of 2023.

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